In fact, I am out of ideas of what kind of photos to shoot for you.If you are going to suggest some photo shoots, make them realistic and not impossible to do, like nude in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

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I just got back from Honolulu a few days ago where I played on an Invitational tournament. The weather there was beautiful for playing tennis. Both are also great places for meeting people and talking about the “world situation” On July 2nd I am going to Costa Rica with Ms Deauxma for a week. It is a condo type room from what I am told and you either cook for yourself or eat in the local restaurants, Can’t wait for that. I get thousands of junk mail every day and that is a pain in the ass. Every e-mail that does NOT have a subject message in the subject block, I just will not answer. Two of my five dogs are eighteen years old now and are just hanging in there. I have to put them down sooner or later before they suffer too much pain. From now on I am going out for 10 day trips, not one weekers.

We all went to dinner every night and paid our own way. I understand that after arriving in Costa Rica, I have to take a one engine propeller plane to get over the mountains to the condo. Going out for just one week does not seem to be worth it.

Had to put a wire fence around the garden because my German Shepard got into it and tore it up. I am planning another trip to Cancun in early July. I may or may not announce my retirement from professional photo shoots.

It should be pretty hot down there at that time of year. Deauxma was here a few weeks ago and we went to see and dance to my favorite band, Yellow Brick Road. No, I do not plan on total retirement as long as I have fans that want to see me, my photos and videos, I will stay active in the adult business.

For an update on my most recent activities, I have been playing tennis almost every morning, almost every day.

Even though the weather is getting cold here, I still go out on the tennis court for good fun and exercise. I was also in Miami, Florida a few months ago for Score magazine shoots and videos which should be out any day now.May 1, 2016 Went to the doctor a few weeks ago and found out I had a rotator cuff injury. I can’t do that so he gave me a steroid shot in the shoulder. I also get lots of fan e-mails with nothing in the subject block.It helps but I will need another one in about 2 months. If you are going to e-mail me, please put something in the subject block. Maybe some of you older fans of Score remember John Graham, one of the best photographers Score ever had.My travel agent gets me really good deals on the all inclusive lifestyle (clothing optional) resorts in Jamaica and Cancun and it is too hard to pass up.In fact, I am going to Cancun next month (July) from the 5 As for Woody.If you think it is easy to find male models, it is not easy at all.