The king of Gerara, Abimelech, sends and takes her, but learning in a dream that she is Abraham's wife he restores her to him untouched, and rebukes him and gives him gifts.In her old age Sarah bears a son, lsaac, to Abraham, and he is circumcised on the eighth day.

On his way home, he is met by Melchisedech, king of Salem who brings forth bread and wine, and blesses him And Abram gives him tithes of all he has; but for] himself he reserves nothing.

God promises Abram that his seed shall be as the stars of heaven, and he shall possess the land of Chanaan.

The original form of the name, Abram , is apparently the Assyrian Abu-ramu .

It is doubtful if the usual meaning attached to that word "lofty father", is correct.

Next morning Abraham, looking from his tent towards Sodom, sees the smoke of destruction ascending to heaven.

After this, Abraham moves south to Gerara, and again fearing for his life says of his wife, "she is my sister".

The meaning given to Abraham in Genesis 17:5 is popular word play, and the real meaning is unknown.

The Assyriologist, Hommel suggests that in the Minnean dialect, the Hebrew letter HĂȘ ("h") is written for long a.

Abraham may be looked upon as the starting-point or source of Old Testament religion.

So that from the days of Abraham men were wont to speak of God as the God of Abraham, whilst we do not find Abraham referring in the same way to anyone before him.

Then he marries Cetura, old though he is, and has by her six children.