The next few episodes deal with his loss and how the Hennessy family moves on. Bridget was supposed to be in charge of the Ditch Day prank, in which she was to steal a rival school’s goat mascot.

Cate’s father, Jim Egan (James Garner), moves in to help and Cate’s very immature nephew, C. (David Spade), moves in for additional comedy relief. There was initially a great deal of curiosity about how the death of Ritter would impact the show. She asks Rory to do it instead and Kerry, tired of being a “goodie two-shoes,” wants to be part of it. Cate comes home soonafter and she’s not happy about the four-legged houseguest either.

After a while though, the additional viewership subsided and the sitcom averaged 9.98 million and ranked 50th for the season. can’t control himself and immediately tells Bridget. Over the phone, Cate and Ed agree that they are actually dating and she decides to take the big step of telling the kids. While they’re all arguing, it comes out that Cate’s begun dating Ed. She’s surprised that he cares so much and is touched.

(which co-stars Ritter’s son Jason), the show averaged just 6.8 million and fell to 94th for the season. promise that they won’t tell the kids, just in case it doesn’t turn out to be serious. Rory and Kerry enter and ask to borrow the mini-van (to steal the goat). The two steal the mascot and hide it upstairs in their house, where it eats Cate’s green sweater and stinks up the place. Surprisingly, they’re all okay with it and Cate feels much better. Then, Ed calls and tells her that he’s been offered a great position as a headmaster of a school in New York. She moves the phone call upstairs while the rest of the family are left to wonder what’s going on.

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Although John Ritter has the lead role, the rest of the cast gets a good share of the. simple rules for dating my daughter cast life goes way beyond what sign doing eight simple rules for dating my daughter.

Sadly, the talented actor passed away during the show’s filming but his memory, and influence on the show, has failed to fade over the years.

The show continued for two more seasons but after the ratings fell, undoubtedly due to John’s absence, producers cancelled filming for another series.Meanwhile, Paul and Cate are shocked when honor student Kerry is suspended for ditching school."8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" stars John Ritter as Paul Hennessy, Katey Sagal as Cate Hennessy, Kaley Cuoco as Bridget Hennessy, Amy Davidson as Kerry Hennessy and Martin Spanjers as Rory Hennessy. Bruce Cameron's bestselling book, "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter." Tracy Gamble ("Home Improvement," "The Golden Girls"), who created the series, also serves as executive producer, along with Tom Shadyac ("Liar Liar," "The Nutty Professor," "Patch Adams"), Flody Suarez ("The Tick") and Michael Bostick ("Liar Liar"). Ritter was the son of singing cowboy Tex Ritter and actress Dorothy Fay,. Rule Two You do not touch my daughter in front of me. This item8 Simple Rules - Season 1 DVD by John Ritter DVD 37.99. In fact, I even felt honored to be in the not-so-elite club of actors. When the cast members have to do their tender scenes when they are crying. Watch Movie 8 Rules For Dating My Daughter Cast Free Watch Movie 8 Rules For Dating My Daughter Cast Free HD 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter - imdb 8. His job as a sports writer kept him on the road a lot during the kids' formative years.