Our bands have been tested on all different skin types and are 100% completely safe.

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While not as long-wearing as the debossed or embossed versions, you can still expect the printed custom silicone bracelets to last for a few months.

The glow in the dark bands are an innovative addition to our range of personalised wristbands.

We produce four main types of rubber wristbands – debossed ink-filled bands, embossed printed bands, printed bands and glow in the dark silicone wristbands.

Each of these bands is manufactured by us from start to finish so we have complete control over the quality of every band that we produce. Here’s some more information on each of the silicone wristbands that we produce.

Read More These are, by far, our most popular wristband and for very good reason.

With the debossed ink filled bracelet, your message, information or logo is engraved into the rubber wrist bracelets and then filled with ink.

The print used on the wristbands doesn’t fade and is also waterproof.

With Wristband Monkey, you get high quality custom wristbands from Australia each and every time.

When purchasing wristbands, you need to know that the custom rubber wristband that members of the public will be wearing is safe.