Many people think after the sixty-days have elapsed you are automatically divorced, and this is not true. Best interest in an original custody action is measured by a list we call the Albright Factors.

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The consequence for not fulfilling an Order of this type is contempt of court that can entail imprisonment and other bad consequences. While people’s lives can seem similar for sure, what appears to be subtle distinctions on the surface can make a huge difference as to how a situation will turn out.

It is as important a document as a birth certificate, social security card, passport and the like. What follows are ten things everyone should know about divorce in Mississippi, dispelling a few common misconceptions: 1.

Mississippi is in a small minority of states viewing marriage through this lens.

Notwithstanding an annual try by a few brave legislators, our state simply refuses to make it easier to get a divorce.

This is due to the fact a divorce without fault grounds cannot be obtained by default.

The only reason that an attorney may choose to “serve” your spouse with an irreconcilable differences divorce is to give her formal notice of the legal proceeding or because of the rule requiring a lawsuit to be served within a certain period of time so it does not expire.They are almost always more emotionally than legally complicated.If both parties are ready to move past the marriage and fully informed concerning the financial makeup of the marital estate, several documents will need to be generated and filed in the Chancery Court records. The Complaint is usually filed in the county of your residence and can be a Joint Complaint or a Complaint filed by one of the parties to the marriage.The reason a person often files a Complaint before an agreement is reached is because an irreconcilable differences divorce must be on file for sixty (60) days before a divorce is awarded. It is simply a cooling off period imposed by the legislature attempting to prevent someone from rushing into a divorce. This is done on a separate pleading, which the fancy name for court paper.The formal delivery of the papers, called “Service of Process”, is not required in an irreconcilable differences divorce.It will provide for your freedom from the interference and control of your former spouse, dictate custody and visitation, provide for the continued financial support for your children, divide property and debts, provide for spousal support (if any) and include all of the necessary legalese. It is the document legally negating your marital contract and relationship.