However the force of the shunt wiped Jamie of the changes that Sam had installed.

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When he finally got home after a few hours he fell asleep.

Sam however began to drift out of his body as his astral form took shape.

His Astral form began to drift to Sophie, however due to what happened Sam's thoughts shifted to the person she chose over him, thinking about the build of the body, the age range, the deepness of his voice, height and what his face looks like. Suddenly Sam was on a bed with Sophie but he felt different.

It took a moment for Sam to realise that he was in the person who she chose over Sam.

Finally Sam planted the thought that Jamie should be in a relationship with Sam, so that Sam could have a shot at happiness.

Sam than thought about going back to his own body which was a lot easier then entering, when Sam opened his eyes realising that he was in his own body.

This meant that the apartment was Sam's apartment that Jamie was unconscious in, Sam wondered if he could just take the body and the person's name along with the memories if it came to it.

That was 5 years ago since that moment he carried on with his studying while he tried to meet people without using his power to tip the balance, however sometimes he couldn't resist if the person pissed Sam off.

This ring caught Sam's attention as he felt the urge to pick it up and he did.