Gotina Petriz..filiis meis Petro Didaz, Fernando Didaz donated "in villa...

Ordonio Flainiz..coniuge mea Gotina prolis Petri donated "ex parte aviorum parentumque meorum in loco...

Uilla Noua de Rebollera divisa germana mea Gunterote Flainiz" to Sahagn by charter dated Gotina Petriz, filius eius Fernando Diaz...

Another source which is useful from a geographical point of view is the "mini-census" of early 12th century Spanish nobility which is found in the document setting out the acts of the council of Oviedo, supposedly held in 1115Pedro Daz de Valle was an important figure during the reign of Urraca Queen of Castile and was awarded the tenencia of Torres de Len and the fortress of Valle de Mansilla.

He is possibly identified with "Petrus Didaci" who is named in the list of nobles "ex terr Tinegi" (Asturias de Tineo) in the spurious document relating to the supposed council of Oviedo in 1115. Dominico Petrez maiordomus, Diaco Gutterriz maiordomus, Annaia Uelaz maiordomus, Annaia Citiz maiordomus... to "Armentario by charter dated as her first husband, GOTINA Prez, daughter of PEDRO Ovquiz & his wife Ildonza Muoz (-after ).

This document sets out Spanish noble families in the kingdoms of Castile and Len from the late 11th century to the later 14th century.

Earlier noble families in northern Spain are shown in the document ASTURIAS, GALICIA, LEON NOBILITY, and later families in CASTILE NOBILITY (2).

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The happy couple posed for pictures in an idyllic setting which Sanchez then posted on his Instagram story.

But with both Ronaldo and Real Madrid struggling to find their best form in the early parts of the season, the three points were gratefully accepted by head coach Zinedine Zidane.