New Centennial Edition published in recognition of the centennial of Mr. Updated by Jeremy DEntremont and with a new forward by Dorothy Snow Bicknell. Snows usual readable style, here the author recounts the stories of many of the women of the sea including Hannah Burgess, who navigated her husbands clipper ship safely to port after his death and the widowed Hsi Kai Ching who took command of her husbands pirate fleet. Written by the captain of the Ile de France, this account of the disaster and his quick actions that fateful night which saved hundreds of lives, make most interesting reading. Their dramatic oral histories tell of Walther Schwiegers sinking of the . Containing twenty-seven of the best short stories about life and adventure at sea, this book will surely please the reader.

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Lady with a Spear is a book filled with facts and adventure, told by the shark lady herself, Eugenie Clark. She travels from island to island in the South Pacific and the .

Harvey, the incredible Connecticut Yankee who went to Lake Superior for a rest and stayed to build the .

Covering the voyage of more than 36,000 miles, the author brings to life the many tense events in this historic journey.

An exciting personal narrative by the skipper of the nuclear submarine that circumnavigated the earth submerged.

Only an hour from the disaster spot, the Ile de France was in a position to make a great difference. In his inimitable style, Thomas allows his subjects to tell their stories in their own words, rendering an infinitely interesting look at the challenges of life aboard these early submarines.

Widely known for his radio and newspaper dispatches from World War I battlefields, Thomas was immediately successful with this vivid portrait of undersea warfare that included details of the new technology. The fascinating story of the great American clipper ships during the golden era, and the Seth Low family, who sailed to the fortune and romance of the China Trade.

Featured on our web site and in our monthly web catalogues are new and out-of-print books, documents, post cards, photographs, maps and charts, engravings, lithographs, uniforms and insignia, tools, lamps, lens apparatus, equipment and apparatus and much more relating to these heroic services. You can get close to virtually all of Americas lighthouses, and many allow you to climb to the top and stay as long as a month in historic buildings. In this book, readers will find unique lighthouse structures, such as the Port Mahon Lighthouse, which hovers over the water on pilings and the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, which contains architectural details similar to those found on the White House.

We now issue most of our catalogues on line rather than by mail. More than 750 lighthouses, life-saving stations and lightships are conveniently organized by coastal region and state. Not to worry, though, the towering buildings typically associated with the word lighthouse can also be found on these pages.

From remote islands in Maine to the metropolises of southern California, youll discover the historic structures that have inspired travelers for millennia. Along with over 90 vintage and recent photos of lighthouses across the country from the HABS/HAER website, this book includes over 50 detailed architectural plans that feature the internal and external structure of the lighthouses.