He was a regular associate of the Red Skull during WWII, and still works with him on occasion in the present day.

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She is just as demented as her dad, if not indeed even more so, typically running the Serpent Squad on his behalf, and has been romantically involved with Crossbones.

During Ed Brubaker's run she had been disfigured, and taken over her father's role as The Red Skull for a while before his return and later her disfiguring undone by Kobik.

The two have an on-again, off-again love affair, which is currently off due to her catching a bad case of dead... Sam Wilson was a social worker before he was a super hero.

except, nope, it was a fake out, she was alive the whole time, she just aged ten years in another dimension and spent her time raising Steve's son. After witnessing unspeakable acts of gang violence, he took up the codename "The Falcon" and fights to keep the streets safe. Originally selected to be the Bucky to the Captain America of the 1950s, Monroe and his partner spent decades in suspended animation after the incomplete Super-Soldier Serum formula they used caused them to become unstable.

Rejected by the army during World War II but still intent on serving his country, Steve Rogers volunteered for a Super Soldier project that would give him increased physical capabilities greater than those of all but the mightiest human athletes.

It worked, and once given a uniform and shield, he became a patriotic symbol in his fight against the Axis powers before disappearing mysteriously.

Equipped with a cybernetic arm and Brainwashed into becoming the assassin known as the , he played the role of a villain until Steve brought him back to his senses and had him reform.

With the apparent death of Steve, Bucky took the mantle of Captain America with the blessing of Tony Stark. The sister/niece of Steve's World War II love interest Peggy Carter, who works alongside Steve as an agent of SHIELD.

A frequent enemy of Captain America, he was the man that shot Steve Rogers at the end of Civil War.