1996), it is included as a free component of Windows Server (since the initial release of Windows 2000 Server). NET led to use of the term Classic ASP for the original technology. A number of products emulate some of the functionality of Classic ASP on non-Microsoft web servers.

There have been three versions of ASP, each introduced with different versions of IIS: The Active Scripting engine's support of the Component Object Model (COM) enables ASP websites to access functionality in compiled libraries such as DLLs. ASP 3.0 also enables buffering by default and optimized the engine for better performance. Apache:: ASP for example ports Classic ASP to the Apache Web Server, but can only interpret Perl Script. Allows data to be read that was sent by the client browser: Form, Querystring, and HTTP Cookie.

Active Server Pages (ASP), later known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic, is Microsoft's first server-side script engine for dynamically generated web pages. NET, first released in January 2002, has superseded ASP.

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If all the style element definitions and layout are specified in a separate file using design dotnet templates, it becomes easy to control the site look and feel centrally and to make changes. Components that we see commonly in a webpage such as label, text box and buttons are examples of controls. The three components mentioned above are placed in a themes folder. NET themes can be applied to a single webpage or to an entire website. NET website templates for themes allow you to control the style attributes of elements in a website, an ASP.

This is especially useful in the case of sites with many pages with different elements. The presentation style of these elements throughout a website can be specified by setting themes. NET website would encompass style specifications for all the elements in the site. NET templates for designing and implementing themes for entire websites can ensure a consistent presentation style for control elements. NET Master Page template can give you more comprehensive control over the page design.

NET website dotnet templates for Master Pages contain layout elements which are common for all the webpages in a site.

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ASP 3.0 does not differ greatly from ASP 2.0 but it does offer some additional enhancements such as Server. ASP remains supported until 14 January 2020 on Windows 7. It also provides information on the server, the client browser, and retrieve HTTP Cookie stored on the visitor's machine.

Web pages with the filename extension use ASP, although some web sites disguise their choice of scripting language for security purposes by using the more common or extensions. Can retrieve data from a form using both methods HTTP: Request.

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