Hatada's hit (h/t to Cork Gaines of Business Insider for the clip) on New Mexico QB Lamar Jordan, though, was just plain reprehensible.

Jordan was running away from two other pass-rushers and just trying to throw the ball out of bounds on a 3rd-and-11 play late in the first half.

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Opening with San Jose State and Stony Brook, the Bulls were supposed to emphatically back up their preseason ranking while the "Quinton Flowers for Heisman" campaign hit the ground running (and passing).

Instead, Flowers was just OK during an unimpressive start to the year for South Florida.

SB Nation's Richard Johnson chronicled the full list of penalties in a running diary, which included eight false starts and one each of illegal shift, offside, substitution infraction, delay of game and 12 men on the field.

In other words, half of the penalties were because these teams couldn't figure out how to legally line up for a snap.

Heck, the senior QB accounted for 30 points by himself with five total touchdowns.

Flowers threw touchdowns to four different receivers, finishing the night (early in the fourth quarter) with 280 passing yards. It was the fifth time in his career he accounted for five touchdowns, as well as the fifth time he went for at least 375 combined passing and rushing yards.Things were back to normal in Friday's 47-23 win over Illinois.Despite slipping and sliding all over turf still recovering from Hurricane Irma, Flowers paced USF to its 20th consecutive game scoring at least 30 points, and then some.He was pulled early in the fourth quarter and only got back on the field for the final drive because Khalil Tate had an even worse drive-killing turnover.Dawkins finished the night with just 204 total yards and no touchdowns in a home loss to a Group of Five school. Dawkins completed 18 of 21 passes for 155 yards and three touchdowns.In both categories, don't expect this to be the last, either.