If you recall, Crystal Harris walked out on Hugh Hefner shortly before their wedding.A TV special was being taped for Lifetime, tons of people were invited and a bunch of money was spent.

But to go back to Hef and demand her pet back when she's the one who screwed him over?

The former Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, Cardinal Edward Egan, presided over the ceremony at the Church of Saint Joseph as 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo's parents and brothers sat stoically in a front pew, next to a white casket holding the remains pulled from the East River last week.‘This morning we are grateful to God for Avonte Oquendo, for his life, for his courage, and for the acts of goodness and kindness that his life and his tragic disappearance evoked among us,’ Egan said.

Now, she’s back in the dating scene with no idea how to treat a prospective suitor and walls so high, it would take a rock climber to scale them.

Trust is Avonte’s biggest issue and she constantly tests the men she dates to see if they are worthy of her affection.

According to a teachers' union memo obtained by Capital New York, none of the administrators at the brand-new Riverview School had passwords to access the security camera feeds on October 4, the day Avonte went missing.

In response to the memo, schools chancellor Dennis Walcott said through a spokesman that the education department's 'Special Commissioner for Investigations is investigating what happened, and we intend to take a serious look at his findings'.Hef took to Twitter to share this with the world, and his ex-girlfriends were less than pleased.Both Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson tweeted in response, slamming Crystal for her selfishness. Hef and Crystal broke up several months ago, so what kind of dog-mother is Crystal to let her dog go for several months before deciding that she should be allowed to take him back?Administrators at the brand-new Riverview School in Long Island City, didn't yet have access to security camera feeds the day 14-year-old autistic boy Avonte Oquendo went missing, according to a union memo Missing: Avonte Oquendo is mute and autistic.He vanished October 4 from his Long Island City school in Queens, New York.When their impending marriage dissolved, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner made a deal: Crystal keeps the ring and the car, and Hef takes the dog.