I'd like to think I'm a better catch than half the girls in this house.'Soon after they both accepted a rose from the Bachelor, and left Belinda and Elise standing alone together.

Matty chose to offer his last rose to Western Australian marketing executive Elise, as host Osher Günsberg told Belinda to say her goodbyes.

They pay their respects, of course, but Kelsey wastes no time introducing herself to Lachlan Flynn, one of her favorites, and reminding him that his spy novels have an audience with women. After everything, it looks like these two ladies are back on track.

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Diego doesn’t see a difference between his lie and hers: She’s 27 at work, he’s single in NYC. Diego’s lie is much more morally icky, of course, but they are both lying to people they love.

As hunky as Diego is, this seems way more complicated than Liza bargained for.

I’m not totally sold, but I also wasn’t looking forward to another six episodes of Kelsey mean-girling Liza, so here we are. Will Josh tell Kelsey the real reason he and Liza broke up? If Liza’s belated birthday drinks (she quietly turned 41 in the midst of the Kelsey-Liza Civil War) are any indication, Kelsey is very onboard with Liza dating men her own age.

What really interests me is Josh’s reaction to Kelsey’s sudden change of heart. She takes her pal to a bar that’s more Liza’s speed — or, as Lauren asks, “Is this an assisted living facility?

According to the pretty movie star, lazy and pompous men are not on her list of marriageable men. I was just waiting for the right time to establish something.