One reason for this could be down to popular shows such as, BBC drama 'The Detectorists', starring Mackenzie Crook, encouraging people to hunt for their own treasure.

Here you will find all you need to know about treasure hunting in Britain.

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In 2010 in a field in Frome, Somerset, hospital chef Dave Crisp and his metal detector came across a hoard of 52,000 Roman coins buried in a large pot under the ground.

One of the most important aspects of the find is that it contains a large group of coins of Carausius, who ruled Britain independently from AD 286 to AD 293.

Inside was over 8,500 pieces of silver consisting of coins, ingots, amulets, chains, rings, cut-up brooches and armlets.

It is the largest Viking Age silver hoard found in northwestern Europe.

Dates of the pennies ranged from 1272-1307 and while most were English, there were also coins from Scotland, Ireland and some European countries.

In 1840 workmen hauled a lead-lined chest from the bank of the River Ribble.

However, they were ruled not to be treasure as the previous owner’s son was eventually traced.

Whilst beachcombing between Highcliffe and Barton on Sea, the fossil rich Barton Clay provides the chance to discover a cache of prehistoric marine life dating back 40 million years.

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It is the largest hoard of gold from the period ever found.