Though obviously showing an affinity and love of black women, Parks became romantically involved with railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt later in his life.

“The Godfather of Soul” James Brown was more than just an influential musical artist.

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Aside from civil rights issues, Belafonte has been outspoken politically, openly criticizing the Bush administration.

Given Belafonte’s relentless racial activism, it might come as a surprise that he has had a number of relationships with white women, including with former dancer Julie Robinson and photographer Pamela Frank.

Though his career in the White House ended abruptly after a series of questionable associations came to light, one of the more surprising aspects of Jones’ life might be his long-time marriage to a white woman named Jana Carter.

Recording artist Charlie Wilson has rubbed elbows with some of hip-hops biggest names.

In an era when tempers flared and tensions were high on a number of social and political issues, it came as a shock to 19th-century sensibilities when Douglass married his second wife Helen Pitts, a young, white feminist.

Though the couple’s relationship was widely decried, Douglass answered criticism just as eloquently as he always conducted himself, saying his first marriage was to someone the color of his mother, while his second was to someone the color of his father.

From collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Kanye West and U. K., the soulful Wilson has put his stamp on the music industry also as a solo artist with his Grammy Award-nominated single “There Goes My Baby.” Little-known, however, is his marriage to drug rehab social worker, Mahin. WENN PICTURE CAPTION 11 APRIL 2005 —————————————————- NIELSEN’S TEARS SUGGEST SHE MAY NEVER WED MATTIA —————————————————- BRIGITTE NIELSEN’s planned wedding to toyboy lover MATTIA DESSI may never take place, because the Danish socialite will sever all links with her other lover, FLAVOR FLAV, if she says `I do.’ Nielsen and Italian waiter Dessi were `married’ in a joke ceremony in the Caribbean last month (MAR05), which the Dane has since confirmed was a publicity stunt.

And in the season finale of STRANGE LOVE, which features Nielsen and Flav, real name WILLIAM DRAYTON, romancing each other, the PUBLIC ENEMY star insists he won’t be a part of the blonde’s life if she consents to wed her fiance.

Regardless of his extracurricular activities, though, there is little denying the impact and historical significant that King as well and his civil rights mission have had on black people and society as a whole.

Scholar and intellectual Henry Louis Gates has spent the vast majority of his life studying African-American identity politics and literature.

So it may come as a surprise that Brown carried on a relationship with singer Tomi Rae Hynie.