Despite my reservations, I recently agreed to go on yet another blind date after a mutual friend tirelessly ignored my “no’s” to his relentless pleas. I suggest trying keep the first date (especially if it is “blind”) relatively short.

After all, I really had nothing to lose, and possibly there was something valuable to glean from the date regardless of how awkward it may be. I now place another arrow in my quiver with which I will go out and attack the dating world with slightly more strength, confidence, and insight than I had before. My most recent date consisted of dinner and bowling which was a big time commitment with someone I knew very little of beforehand.

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Stephanie asked and God did not answer in any of the ways he could have.

Through eight blind dates, God did not change his answer. And if you read her book, I’m pretty certain he’s going to change you, too.

All were so thoroughly uncomfortable that at the end of each, I vowed that I had been on my last blind date.

Shamefully, my thoughts were that blind dates are great for those girls I typically classify as: ones who can cling to a seemingly random guy’s arm talking sports and weather and who-knows-what the entire evening. I am a quiet twenty-something medical school student who could talk for hours about the pathogenesis of disease, but cannot “talk” football to save my life, and I most definitely could not/would not hang on the arm of a near perfect stranger.

Keeping the date short relieves a bit of the pressure that exists to sustain meaningful, engaging conversation.

You don’t want to “wear out” what could be a really good date and really great guy just because you run out of conversation topics after a few hours. It is always helpful to do something on a first date.Yet, I quickly agreed to his proposed plans, and ultimately I was thankful for the game, as well as the fact that he took initiative to make plans. This can be difficult, especially if your lives don’t intersect at any point (as was the case in my situation).It was engaging and provided us with something to talk and laugh about which was the common ground we needed. It only took an ounce of common sense to presume he probably was not interested in hearing my explanation of systemic fungal diseases–and why that is just one reason I get the heebie-jeebies about bowling shoes.So, do your best to find neutral common ground to serve as a diving board for conversation.If you can get on the same page with a topic of conversation, you will both be engaged and the date will flow much easier. Admittedly, I can be quick to judge at times, and can tend to think I am the queen of first impressions.If you’re struggling to hope that you will ever find “Mr.