I think sexuality is a good topic, I apologize if my last post made me appear as a know it all, I most certainly do not know everything about blindness, as I lose more and more of my sight the greater my desire to find a companion, I am a straight male seeking a straight female, and my question is what coping strategies and / or solutionw did you use to find your loved one?

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A 68-year-old Frenchman is in hot water after fooling women into having 50 Shades of Grey-style sex in a darkened bedroom, by masquerading as a young handsome male model on an online dating site.

He faces charges of "rape by surprise." The woman, one of many to have taken an interest in the handsome model's profile, was lured to "Anthony's" apartment in Nice, he suggested they should "make things more exciting" by having Fifty-Shades of Grey-style sex in a darkened room.

Or if anyone was in touch with you regarding any information about how those blind from birth determine their sexual orientation.

If you do happen to have any links/advice or help, please let me know at this email address. I posted back in 2008 and I am now researching sexuality and the blind full time as my doctorate research with Dublin City University.

Some call these unusual tastes and talents for a blind or visually impaired woman.

Unfortunately the sighted community judges mainly on their own learned preferences from the media, as well as cultural norms, and no standard of "good or bad" should be set.

For myself and my visually impaired friends, there is such a thing for us as visual attraction, I.e. Recently, the guy below me was listening to a heavy metal band on the radio, and through going down to ask who it was (Myself being a big fan of hard-edged music), I ended up making a new connection.

I proceeded to offer some assistance to him and his father in fixing up the place, having some experience using manual tools such as a hammer or screw driver.

Just like those who are sited sexuality and the blind person(s) can possess some universal traits and simular experiences, but a person's (blind or sited) sexual attitude, prowness, preferences, skills and e.t.c.

are a unique combination that is individual to each and every person..like our personalities are.i know a gal who got a bump on her head a few years back. she still has a powerful sex drive for men, quietly at mid age.

If you do happen to have any links/advice or help, please let me know at this email address.