I can't even tell you how many therapists I've gone to just because they're like, 'We don't know how to work with you; try this therapist!'" —EH "I eventually developed a life-changing relationship with a psychologist — the first and only mental health professional who competently and compassionately responded to my presentation of BPD.I'm not dissing it — I think for certain people it works great.

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I feel like I can't be happy and I can't be sad, and I just want to be numb, and the behaviors I've used to do that have definitely not been healthy." —EH "BPD has an enormous impact on my personal relationships.

Because I am so emotionally sensitive, I can often overreact to things that friends or family do or say and might then behave in a way that is unhelpful to both me and the other person.

This cycle repeats over and over again because, until you get treatment, you lack the skills to maintain relationships at a functional level.

On top of that, BPD causes a large fear of abandonment — think, 'I hate you, don't leave me!

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental illness affecting approximately 1.6% of adults in the U. Symptoms — usually beginning in adolescence and early adulthood — include emotional instability, extreme reactions, distorted sense of self, chronic feelings of emptiness, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts or attempts.

Research on BPD is in fairly early stages, so many people either don't know it exists or don't know what it means.And seeing my best friend spend time with her coworker makes me believe that I am alone and unloved.I can't help feeling this way, but I do my best to not let BPD keep me from living a normal life and forming healthy relationships." —MY "Cognitive behavioral therapy doesn't go far enough for me.A lot of people have the impression that BPD folks are just assholes, just because the people who lash out are the loudest.The quiet ones are either misdiagnosed, or they're just quiet. Most us are very decent, sensitive people, and we don't like hurting people.It was really hard; I felt really invalidated for a long time." —EH "I am lucky to be in a relationship with someone patient, who will understand when I 'overreact' to things like taking too long to text me back.