and how come there isn’t anything new about their situation?

brittany binger and grady sizemore still dating-17

While there’s no specific mention of Sizemore formally retiring, Bastian does reference the the playing career of Sizemore, who was a superstar-caliber outfielder with Cleveland early in his career, in the past tense.

Per Bastian, the 34-year-old Sizemore reached out to Indians president of baseball operations Chris Antonetti over the winter to gauge what type of opportunities were available with the team.

Acquired alongside Brandon Phillips and Cliff Lee in the 2002 blockbuster that sent Bartolo Colon to the Expos, Sizemore made his Major League debut as a 21-year-old in 2004 and never looked back.

From 2005-08, he was on a short list of MLB’s best players, hitting .281/.372/.496 with three All-Star nominations, two Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger.

The pictures, according to Grady Sizemore, had been meant for personal perusal only.

He complained that he had shot them exclusively for his girlfriend, and that they had been stolen from her personal accounts.Forensic analysis was conducted and apparently confirmed that Ayers computer was used to hack Brittany’s email and distribute the photos.leaked from the computer of his Playmate girlfriend, Brittany Binger!He had appointed MLB detectives to take care of the matter and refuses to comment any further on the controversial pictures. and have either of them come out and talked about it other than when it first was brought up?Meanwhile, this piece of news about her ex-boyfriend has brought Brittany Binger, Grady Sizemore’s erstwhile girlfriend once more into the limelight after her Playboy stint as people keep searching for her on the internet. i thought i heard somewhere they broke up back towards the end of october of 2009 or something. The pictures, some of which are too racy, have been asked to be removed from the websites they featured in. In some of them, he is fully dressed, while in some he is in his trousers.