He thought it was just a "pretty girls rivalry," but once he began developing feelings for Hanna, he quit his work for Jenna and stopped calling her.Caleb sees the disappointed look on Hanna's face and tries to hug her, but Hanna shouts at him and refuses to touch him.

In "A Person of Interest," she and Caleb are now in a secret relationship.

Hanna's mother begins to notice that someone has been in the house besides them and suspects Caleb.

Caleb asks Mona to give Hanna the letter, to which Mona agrees.

When Caleb walks away, Mona opens the letter and reads it, clearly annoyed and upset by its contents.

She then rips up the letter, throws it into the trash barrel, and dumps a drink over it.

Hanna returns and asks what Caleb wanted, and Mona lies.

Caleb picks up his bag, looks sadly back at her, and leaves.

Later, Hanna is seen crying by the window of her bathroom, betrayed and distraught.

While in their tent in the woods, Hanna and Caleb make out, which later gets more intimate and turns into sex.