Forestville Technology announces distribution, in North America, of the HOAP-1 Humanoid Robot Phone (215) 740-7397 Fax (215) 619-2766 email: [email protected]" The voice-commanded Dr. Its secret is your PC, which it uses as a gateway to the Internet via a Bluetooth link.This Web connection, along with an onboard camera, enables you to, say, check in on your kids from the road. After an hour, it automatically plugs itself into a power outlet for recharging.Pictures Astro Boy Birth Exhibit (1, 2, 3) Atom Dream Project (1, 2) Movies 1 (Note: some SDR-4X II) Movies 2 (Note: the 2 big hi-res avi movies (ROBOT_(20 minutes long) \ SDR4X2_Back (10 minutes long)), need the Div X Video 5.0.5 for Windows codec at download/install Div X (NOT Div X Pro), it will automatically add itself as a "plug-in" to your Windows Media Player; then download the 2 avi movies to your hard drive; when done downloading, click on the filename & Window Media Player will launch and play the movies using the Div X codec) ...

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The star of the Expo was the next generation Humanoid Robot Kawada Industries HRP-2 "Promet", the final robotic platform for the Humanoid Robotics Project in Japan, whose 1st generation products included the Honda Humanoid Asimo.

Enjoy video clips of the event & of "Promet" in action on the Kawada & Yahoo video search sites.

Il contient des textes, des liens ainsi que des photos, vidéos, webcams classes X gays qui peuvent tre choquantes pour certaines sensibilits.

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Anyone can download Maestro for free from and use it to follow along with the rovers progress during the mission.

You can use Maestro to view pictures from Mars in 2D and 3D and create simplified rover activity plans.

Bruce has done considerable earlier pioneering Atmosphere work for NASA Ames, including a virtual habitat on Mars & a Simulation of the International Space Station with the Personal Satellite Assistant (PSA) robot.