Orhun was working as database administrator at one of the largest banks in Turkey at the time.

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Yerli, a 25 year old software developer with a Ph D in Computational Physics, seems too young to remember the early chat room days of the Internet, but says he enjoyed them, “because of the girls.” He also liked the idea of randomly talking to strangers from all over the world.

He built the site based on anonymous chat by himself back in 2011, then later recruited his old high school buddy to come on board.

In my opinion, AOL was a breeding ground for stalkers and creepy guys from school who didn't have the courage to talk to me in person.

None of my experiences on there were good, from the guy who completely misrepresented who he was and stalked me until I changed my phone number to the girls from my high school who created a fake profile pretending to be one of the senior water polo players I had a crush on. " Rosemary Brennan, Supervising Editor: "First screen name: rosalineb3.

It recently raised a seed round from a number of Turkish investors, bringing the total amount of funding up to $515,000.

longer) of that awful dial-up noise, you got to hear one of the most satisfying sounds of the decade: "You've got mail!

Anonymous visitors can select registered user profiles they see live on the site and click on the known user’s profile to start chatting.

The registered user, meanwhile, has no idea who is on the other end of the chat.

In junior high, I was obsessed with Romeo and Juliet—Rosaline is Romeo's ex GF—and in some weird twist of fate, the newspaper had incorrectly labeled a photo of me as Rosaline Brennan.

Obviously, it was meant to be."Emily Popp, Editor: "My first screen name was Em Nems14, a play on my favorite candy and my name.

He also tells me that several Turkish celebrities are using the site to allow fans to chat with them directly.