SPECIFIC GLOSSARIES: Specially-designed reports on several useful topics: company profiles and reports, job interviews, management styles and doing business with Japanese.

Questions, recommendations and technical glossaries (legal, business, ecology, beer, etc.). Over 200 grammar exercises with online answers for your self-evaluation.

We believe this FREE package of interrelated sound files and 11 dialogues provide a basis with wide possibilities for both ESL students and teachers.

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At the end of this course you will have read 350 pages, participated in 450 interactive activities, and listened to 250 MP3 audios and videoclips!! Full academic course in 40 lessons, a self-evaluation test and a final exam.

In the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CAE is ranked at C1 level.

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OM PODCAST is our brand new "Free Download Center" with lots of resources in 8 levels of difficulty.

Take a ride on our Double-Decker and experience hilarious conversations or hot arguments onboard and enjoy 3-step interaction: a) overhear what passengers are saying; b) practise with interactive activities and online answers; c) print out full dialogue transcriptions together with interesting with glossaries.

Levels range from Intermediate and First Certificate to Advanced listening.

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