This is also a false notion that can get you in trouble with the TS girls.

Transsexuals are varied and have many different needs, pretty much the same as anyone else. If so that’s fine — you can find transsexuals for hookups too but you’ll still need to treat them like ladies.

I’ll try to remove some of the mystique about these beautiful, exotic transsexuals.

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There is nothing wrong with that provided you understand it is entertainment, and not reality.

Many men also believe that transsexuals have an unlimited sex drive and they want to have nasty sex with every man they encounter.

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Please don’t start off treating us as a sex object.

While it’s true we’re a different from genetic weomen, and we may enjoy sex very much, we don’t like being treated like trash.You will have a know a little more than the average TS admirer if you want to be successful in meeting and dating lovely transsexual women.I can tell you that I find it very stimulating when a man is a gentleman who displays some knowledge of the transgender world. I find it incredibly sexy when a man treats me with respect, understands me and wants to do more than just get laid.They have seen transsexuals in porn and that’s about the extent of their knowledge.You’re reading this so you’ll not be in that unfortunate group of men. It is a porn term that is despised by most transgender community members.Speaking for myself, I can tell you he is likely to be a very happy man!