Overlooking red flags because you want to be optimistic about a relationship is a great way to end up in a troublesome relationship.Some enjoy taking a why am I single quiz or test to determine if they are too picky or not picky enough; however, one easy method is to inspect your dating habits.

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The opposite of being too picky is being so accepting of all people that you’ll date anyone who comes your way. When you have a weak filter, all kinds of people can get in, and it can be hard to spot red flags.

We’ll admit that everyone deserves a second chance and that being overly judgmental is no way to live, but when it comes to your love life, discernment is key.

Maybe you set the bar low because you honestly don’t know what you want.

Maintaining low-lying standards isn’t the best strategy when it comes to something as serious as love – this is your heart we’re talking about! In order to find that, you need to pick someone who is on your level.

Getting loving and honest feedback from trusted others could save you a ton of heartache.

Besides, it’s always easier for other people to see our blind spots.

Be sure to set the bar according to your faith and values.

All that surface stuff will most likely change or fade away altogether anyway – so why let it bother you?

Many people are looking for a certain type of person, but they always seem to find themselves looking in the wrong places. Most people have issues from their childhood to deal with, but have you dealt with yours?

The only way to find a strong Christian man or woman is to put yourself in a place where you might cross paths. It can be hard to invest in a healthy relationship if you have unresolved wounds from your upbringing.

Now is the time to live your life, not after you finally have met someone.