Blind Date returned earlier this year with Paul O' Grady at the helm after a 13-year hiatus.

Here is everything you need to know about the show's Christmas special...

Geoff Carter thought it would be a brilliant idea if he showed up wearing patchwork trousers and a Sooty puppet.

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When the young pair sat down to have a chat with Cilla on the sofa, however, it was clear something big was about to happen. Speaking about Paul’s spontaneity (or lack thereof), Gill said: “I’m the kind of person who likes surprises. I can’t think of anything Paul would hate more than a surprise.” As it happens, Cilla had a rather big surprise for them both. “I’m sure there’s lots of girls in our audience tonight – certainly millions of girls watching at home – who would have given their right arm to be sitting on this sofa.

“I know what you’re at,” Black said, “and I feel awfully deeply saddened by this. I know for a fact that you are an undercover journalist, and you’ve robbed somebody of coming on a proper blind date.” Gill’s face fell – as did her date’s. Gill said that she would like Paul to go with someone else. “And you’ve cheated one of those lovely girls out of a proper Blind Date. ” As Gill blushed, Cilla said: “The look says it all.” The whole incident summed up Cilla Black’s composure and charisma. Blind Date starts on Saturday June 17 at 7pm on Channel 5.

Cilla may sadly no longer be with us, but we're still excited about the news of her classic show's surprise return to Channel 5, and we couldn't help but remember its many hilarious and awkward (or hilariously awkward) moments of old.

If the new version can capture just a smidge of this kind of TV gold, we're on for a winner.

Saturday night television meant three things back in the 1990s: Catchphrase, Stars in Their Eyes and Blind Date.

Now, the latter is back on our screens with a brand new series on Channel 5. Three singletons sit behind a screen and answer questions from a potential love match who has no idea what they look like.

The two rejected hopefuls then parade past the contestant before the screen is pulled back to reveal their, often disappointing, chosen date.

The new couples then pick a destination for their all-expenses-paid holiday date from an envelope, with locations ranging from Bognor Regis to the Maldives.

"I won’t be watching it.” The Sun revealed yesterday that Blind Date would be returning later this year after 14 years off air.

I’m A Celeb winner VICKY PATTISON, OLLY MURS and HELEN FLANAGAN are all in the frame to replace the hosting legend.

“You work for Cosmopolitan magazine,” Black continued, turning to face the audience. Not a Blind Dater at all.” The audience booed as Black produced an article of Gill’s to prove the deception. Gill acknowledged that she had come on Blind Date just to get the story. The producers had given the pair tickets to go to Nepal. She had foiled a plot, and was willing to laugh about it – but not before making Gill squirm.