Surely there are more important issues than if someone has cellulite?

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A source said that Nicole stopped hanging out with her as much because "Mischa is just too screwed up on drugs and alcohol." The hospitalization came as a "relief" to Mischa's friends, according to the article, because it could hopefully bring her some help.

Later in the month, Mischa says her hospitalization was a result of the stress from a rough wisdom tooth surgery, figuring out contracts, and preparing for her new show.

So when I start going through things I'll reflect it off. May 2008: #Cellulite Gate breaks loose when the purchases and publishes photos of Mischa's dimpled thighs while she's on vacation.

While there is literally nothing wrong with having cellulite, Mischa's rep claims the pictures were photoshopped by a paparazzo in an attempt to make Mischa look bad, and the photographer denies those claims.

January 2008: Mischa speaks out about her DUI for the first time on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, saying, "I'm really disappointed in myself.

I don't know what to say about it, except that I'm not perfect, and I just don't ever intend to do something this stupid again." She also explains that her lack of a valid license was a result of her growing up in New York, which is "the land of people who don't have to drive." Her film premieres at the Sundance film festival later in the month.

Mischa fights back against the harsh criticism of her body by the , still referencing the arrest as a "low point," but also throwing some shade at the girls she used to call her friends: "It was one of those things that I never thought would happen to me, and I was disappointed because it associated me with a group of girls that I would rather not be associated with.

That was the biggest bummer for me — I didn't leave my house. They made such a big deal out of it with these other young actresses that, for a little bit, I wanted to crawl into a hole and die." February 2009: After speculation that she had recently become unhealthily thin, Mischa fires back at the press with a statement about her weight.

On her website, she says: "Just so you guys know I'm happier and healthier than ever.