During the date they laugh at everything I say and act really engaged.

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2) not crude or misgusting or dirty or depressing 2) a deeper, more meaningful word for 'cool'2. I could go on and on but thats just alittle advice in trying to find an older woman. Yes, find out her interests and see if they mesh with yours - Class is not necessarily defined by these.

This subject line, in and of itself, is awful."Bag", and "Classy Lady" .... Men, and women, who have class, do not define themselves by the places they frequent or by their personal interests.

I asked her to hang out again and she replied to me "not interested" and it was pretty hurtful to me. I don't think you are being too pushy but you might not want to pull out the stops too soon. If you offer up all that stuff straight up, you'll more likely end up with the users. Pulling out all the stops for a multi-hour, multi-event, and complex affair is absolutely NOT needed..even ideal.

I guess I come across as too pushy and that scares them off? Basically, you're making buying expensive dinners your selling point so you'll attract women who are drawn to that. You don't have to flash the cash to be a gentleman. If you consider a classy lady someone who likes the arts, do not take her bowling. Sounds like youre looking for a cougar type of woman and if youre new to that than let me explain.

There’s nothing unique, memorable or distinguishing. One of my favorite usernames was The Goose Whisperer, written for a client named Bobbi in 2005. So if you’re wondering how to come up with a clever name that gets attention, and attracts a like-minded person with a great sense of humor, I have an exercise that can help you come up with usernames just like the ones I mention above.

Bobbi had a farm with geese in the yard and instead of using The Horse Whisperer, which was way too overdone, we changed one word to great effect. It’s in Volume 2 of my Finding the One Online audio series, and is the cherry on top of your new online dating experience.

Because when you’re dating online, which is an extremely competitive medium, you need every advantage you can get.

A great username is a differentiator – a unique brand name – something that completely sets you apart from every other person on a dating site.

Gosh, I don't know you at all so whatever I say, take it with a grain of salt, I guess. Bars or clubs are the best place to meet older women mostly upscale places but i stumbled on to a few at a typical bar.

My first impression, which is based on your title, is that this baggin' of the classy ladies is a game to you where you're thinking if you take them to the correct restaurant,talk about the correct issues, they'll surely like you. If there intersted usaully they will buy you a drink just depends.

it reflects that we have wildly different interests.