Thus, you could make your site completely free of charge for women and request a fee from men to access certain site sections, or vice versa.

Gender mode can be activated in Users Membership mode: We’d also like to mention that Dating Pro supports both left-to-right and right-to-left writing modes along with multiple language versions, making it possible to run your website simultaneously in English and Arabic or any other language.

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What is considered an essential and engaging part of an online dating experience by some dating site owners, may be considered superfluous by others.

We try to accommodate different approaches to the online dating here.

Hello Kris, We are sorry that you have such an impression. Additional fee is required only when talking about customization changes of the source code. Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience, it helps us to improve. Could you tell us in more details how did you find him so that we can protect our customers from fakes?

Can you please file a complaint under so we can investigate? You can test our latest version of the software by the following link With all your questions regarding our software you can contact us via our helpdesk or chat We are a trusted company that is on a market since 1999. Hello John, We are sorry to hear about your experiences.

Find out more on page SMIC, Thank you for sharing your experience.

Can you please file a complaint under so we can investigate?

PG Dating Pro offers a lot of other functionality to help you build a website of your dreams where people can meet and fall in love.

As ever, feel free to contact our friendly support team.

Like for example server access and target directory.