That used to be my favorite dance spot in the city.

Alas, word on the street is that their lease was up so they had to relocate, but luckily they didn’t go too far.

Alta Gama Nightclub A new nightclub is boldly claiming its prime location in Parque Lleras for the gays.

Alta Gama, as its name indicates, offers an upscale, somewhat exclusive experience for the partier looking for a little elegance. You can’t miss it – the owners have hung two huge gay pride flags from the balcony.

I’m told there was a line out the door the whole night.

If it’s anything like it’s predecessor, that’s no surprise.

I credit Juan Pablo and his colleagues with creating a space where subculture can thrive in a city that desperately needed it. It’s rich history and culture are draws in and of themselves, and maintaining those traditions is important.

But Chiquita represents the new Colombia, and we’re sure to see more variations of what the new Colombia will look like as the country continues to develop and modernize.In fact, their new location is right across from Alta Gama, on the other side of Parque Lleras.Now called Zero, the new club opened this past weekend.Liberation, particularly sexual liberation, is a theme you’ll find throughout Chiquita.Besides the vagina imagery on the walls behind the bar, when you take one step into the ladies room, you’ll find yourself surrounded by 3D images of dicks…of them!I don’t think they’re going to let you in with your shorts and flip-flops.