When scholarships and part time jobs fail, when money borrowed from parents and friends is not enough, students are confronted with the necessity of getting a student loan in order to continue their studies.Without a cosigner, though, the United States banks will not offer financial aid in the form of a private student loan to an international student. Alternatively, there are a few loans that require a cosigner from a student’s home country.Specifically, the vast majority of international student loan programs have a U. The obligatory requirement of a cosigner - whether they are domestic to the States or hailing from the student’s home country - exists to serve as a backup insurance for the lender party and facilitate the eventual collection of the loan.

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Our graduates obtain positions throughout the world in academia, business, the non-profit sector and government.

We offer two undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts (B.

Applying for federal aid is simple using the free online application at gov.

Before starting the complete application process, use the FAFSA4caster to view an estimate of your eligibility for federal loans.

Refer to your Student Royal Credit Line Agreement for details.

Economics is the study of how society uses its resources - natural, human and man-made.The prospect of studying at the renowned colleges and universities of the United States attracts hundreds of international students per year.In order to do so, and given how young people are hardly able to raise the prestigious amount of money those institutes usually require – whether for tuition fees, or as a general living cost - at that point in their lives, international students have to resort to other sources of income to fund their studies.While that may be true for some, most find that their expenses are not quite what they were expecting.To be more specific, here are five reasons why you might want to consider applying for a student loan:· Housing: On-campus housing, while convenient, is more often than not more expensive than renting from a private landlord.In the 2016 rankings of Research Papers in Economics (Re PEC), the most comprehensive archive of economic research in the world, our department placed in the top 10% of all U. economics institutions, including both academic and non-academic.