We gave our respective “thank yous,” but didn't keep in touch after that.

I realize now that my Craigslist rendezvous could have had unhappy endings.

Not everyone on the site is interested in innocent interactions or digital soul-baring.

In February, a Minnesota man was shot after he tried to cancel a call girl he'd ordered from Craigslist.

I scoured the site's “Strictly Platonic” section for personal ads.

Some may call me superficial, but I only clicked on the postings that had photos attached (unfortunately, many of those were images of sunsets and not-so-flattering grainy cell phone photos of the posters' nether regions).

Earlier this year, a woman was arrested after placing a murder-for-hire ad on the site.

And a young woman was killed last year when she answered a Craigslist ad for a baby-sitting job.

But at the time, fear of the unknown didn't keep me away from Craig.

Buried treasure While I was searching for ways to continue procrastinating on my master's project, Craig was my right-hand man.

So I responded to the ad and told him we could meet at the theater.