Craig grew up near Liverpool, and enjoyed going to the theater with his mother and sisters.

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She revealed that good looking is not the only thing that matters to her, the guy needs to be sharing with a good sense of humor and have magical eyes to win her heart. Charisma and sense of humour is what gives him that ‘wow’, you know?

" Marlohe is also surprised by the American dating culture.

Fans used to previous Bonds played by the likes of Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan objected to potentially having Craig in the part. And film critics believed that, for a serious stage-trained actor like Craig, playing Bond would be an ill-advised move.

But the actor believed it was a great opportunity, agreeing to a five-film contract.

Daniel, who has reprised his role for the fourth time, said he could not wait for fans to see the movie: "It's just fantastic to see everybody out tonight.

French actress Berenice Marlohe is most widely remembered as Bond girl in James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’. The chemistry between the pair seemed so real that many of their fans believed that these two were having an affair.The actor's stand-out performance was lauded by critics and fans alike.He then demonstrated his range when he starred as poet Ted Hughes in the drama Around this time, rumors had begun to swirl about Craig becoming the next actor to play the role of legendary spy James Bond. Marlohe is seen kissing Craig very passionately in the movie.But she appears to be quite mysterious when it comes to her boyfriends and past affairs.Talking about American culture, she says: We hope Marlohe finds the right connection with her dream guy very soon and give us some amazing news about her love life.