The Taurus man will probably be very systematic and predictable in his dating.

He will likely pick the same night of the week, and the same restaurant, showing little imagination or desire to please.

Famous Taurus-Leo Couple: Orson Welles and Delores Del Rio, Bill Rancic and Guliana De Pandies, George Carlin and Brenda Carlin, Fred Astaire and Robyn Smith, Harry d’Abbadie d’Arrast and Eleanor Boardman, Richard Barthelmess and Mary Hay.

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If, on the other hand, he’s a typical couch potato, there are going to be fireworks. That includes a coach and 6 horses to take her out for the evening. You see they are a stubborn group, but they are stuck with one another.

Taurus is more likely to have fallen asleep on the sofa with a full stomach and a full bank account. Taurus is likely to think that Leo is putting on airs.

They are likely to fight over their children, Leo being far more demanding than Taurus.

The fights can be particularly ugly due to the pridefulness of Leo and the absolute cluelessness of Taurus.

He expects her to go along with anything he suggests.

The Leo woman will have to learn early on how to “manage him” to get what she wants out of the deal, or it’s going nowhere.

Their stubbornness will keep them from reconciling, and it will be particularly hard to work out a satisfactory agreement regarding children and property.

Both these signs are extremely possessive and Leo, especially, will exact a pound of flesh.

You MUST make him invest energy into the relationship.

You MUST wait for him to even if it feels like watching the grass grow.

He acquaints a good life with a big fat savings account.