Since my divorce my dating life has been great and very active.

Some activities while dating might seem awkward at times especially for the person dating someone in a chair because it is new to them.

The key is for you to stay comfortable and show confidence in every situation because if you get uncomfortable or awkward then your partner will feel this and they could become far more uncomfortable.

I stated on my profile that I had a spinal cord injury and I could not believe the amount of responses I received in such a short amount of time.

When having conversations with ladies questions did come up about my injury and that I use a chair.

Posted by Dion Regular in Blog on Apr 14, 2014 Dating and Relationships after an Injury One of the most popular topics that I am asked when I meet people with new injuries is how will my dating and relationships be affected.

After an injury a majority of individuals lack self-confidence.

They feel that they will never find a relationship or if they are in a relationship they feel like their partner will not have the same feelings for them.

A couple of popular statements I hear are “who would want to date someone in a chair” or “how can they love me the same when I cannot do the things I have done before”.

About 5 years ago my wife and I decided to separate; I don’t feel it was because of my injury.