He put a lot of efforts for her birthday (he took his mom out and made a special day for her), but he forgot your birthday.

But, after some time, he started showing some signs of being overly attached to his mother.

From the times of kings and queens, some women (still) have to deal with mama’s little ‘princess’.

He answers all of her calls, but he is mostly unavailable when you call.

He always praises her food, and compares her and your cooking.

It just seems like he cares more about her than you.

He tries very hard not to hurt her feelings, but he doesn’t mind having a conflict with you.

Research has shown that boys who are forced to separate prematurely from their moms--I'm talking about little guys whose moms stop cuddling them because they think they need to toughen up--go on to have a hard time with women." Good!

Let’s make one thing clear – this is the topic that has bothered women’s mind since ever.

So, if you are worried that you’re the dating mama’s boy, keep reading to find out more.

If you are in a long relationship, but he still hasn’t introduced you to his mama, there is definitely something wrong then.

On the other hand, trust me, there is some fear in every woman that she will be labeled as ‘not good enough’.