This workshop will familiarize participants with the latest FAA design procedures, with an emphasis on practical design examples for new flexible pavements.

Because FAARFIELD was developed to support FAA standard pavement designs, a basic understanding of FAA material and construction standards is necessary for proper use of the program.

Lopes, University of São Paulo, Brazil Marco Pasetto, University of Padova, Italy Marta Pagola, National University of Rosario, Argentina Martins Zaumannis, EMPA, Switzerland Massimo Losa, University of Pisa, Italy Mena Souliman, University of Texas at Tyler, USA Mostafa A Elseifi, Louisiana State University, USA Mustaque Hossain, Kansas State University, USA Navneet Garg, Federal Aviation Administration, USA Patrícia Hennig Osmar, COPPE / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil R.

Michael (Mike) Anderson, International Society for Asphalt Pavements, USA Ray Brown, National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University, USA Régis Carvalho, Oaken Consult, USA Richard Kim, North Carolina State University, USA Roberto Soares, Pavesci Rosângela dos Santos Motta, University of São Paulo, Brazil Sadaf Khosravifar, University of Maryland, USA Saied Solomons, Sabita (Southern African Bitumen Association), South Africa Salvatore Mangiafico, University of Lyon, ENTPE, France Samy Noureldin, Indiana DOT – Research & Development , USA Shane Underwood, Arizona State University, USA Shigeru Shimenu, Nippon Expressway Research Institute, Japan Suelly Helena de Araújo Barroso, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil Tien Fang (TF) Fwa, National University of Singapore, Singapore Tom Scarpas, TU Delft, Netherlands Yong-Rak Kim, University of Nebraska, USA Wynand Steyn, University of Pretoria, South Africa Zhanping You , Michigan Technological University, USA , 2018 Time: To be confirmed Presenter: Dr.

The ISAP Conference meets every four years, and the 13th ISAP Con- ference on Asphalt Pavements will be held in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, on June 19-22, 2018.

The ISAP 2018 Conference will be an opportunity to examine the future directions of the asphalt paving industry in terms of key sustainable issues, such as long-term performance, environmental protection, socio-economic impacts, and political concerns.

The FAARFIELD methods of airport overlay design will be covered if time permits.

Note: It is highly recommended that workshop participants bring their own laptops so they can install FAARFIELD 1.41 and follow along through the pavement design examples.

Ample time will be provided for questions and discussion.

The FAARFIELD 1.41 software can be downloaded free of charge at: Advisory Circular 150/5320-6F, “Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation” is available at: Library/media/Advisory_Circular/150-5320-6Andre Molenaar received his MSc degree in 1972 and his Ph D degree in 1983 both from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

He served as external examiner in Ph D exams at Universities in the UK, Sweden, Chile, South Africa and Australia.