Read More Either Hamisa Mobetto is too tall or Sheila Don Zella is too short, but that is what the above pic reveals.

That was yesterday at the airport shortly after her arrival for teh Gal Power Party.

Later on her character stumbles across Mr in the closet dressing up in her clothes.

The singer has a history of releasing popular videos, and with her latest she's managed to pull in some Hollywood talent as well as a few raunchy moments.

For her Beautiful Trauma music video the 38-year-old pop star enlisted the help of A-List actor Channing Tatum.

She proceeds to tease and play with him before Nikki appears in latex and all three roll around on the floor.

We were on fire/I slashed your tires/It's like we burned so bright we burned out/I made you chase me I wasn't that friendly/My love, my drug, we're f***ed up, oh/' Cause I've been on the run so long they can't find me You waking up to remember I'm pretty/And when the chemicals leave my body.

He plays the pop star's husband in the video, which is a pastiche of life in the 60s.

It also features actress Nikki Tuazon, who is best known for her roles in Memoirs Of A Geisha and Gigli.This particular team has been working very hard just to bring the Major General down, but we can all wait for tonight to see how this will go down tonight..Read More When you put your party on the same day with Zari, you literally have to work a lot including bringing in Zari's rival, Hamisa Mobetto to hype up your event, Sheila had hoped to get some mileage from Brian White, but that seems unlikely leaving her to settle for Maama Phiina...The series was the final project to be overseen by Jim Henson, who died when the series was in development. Pink has now released the music video for her single Beautiful Trauma.Pink also collaborated on the lead track for the Moulin Rouge!