In season nine she played an important role in "Marjorine" where she was one of the girls at Heidi Turner's sleepover. Red has been shown to be one of the very popular girls in the grade. In many different episodes, she has been shown in the background with many different girls.In the older episodes, she was shown in almost every episode, being followed by boys, which could be suggesting that she is also very pretty and attractive.

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In "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", she was shown to be wearing a violet jacket with tan trimming and matching mittens while on the bus with Bebe.

In "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", when she was dressed as a "stupid spoiled whore", Red wore a violet bolero jacket with brown fur trim, an orange string bikini top, a denim miniskirt, fishnets, and teal boots.

She is also very similar to Sally Turner; the two both have red hair, wear similar clothes, and have similar voices.

The differences between Red and Sally are that Red doesn't have a butterfly clip in her hair, Sally wears a blue sweater, and Sally also wears green pants, unlike Red's, which are blue.

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This is a very spiritual activity and when Marjorine (Butters) saw them doing this he screamed and accused them of being witches.