in which a hugely corpulent character named Mr Creosote eats a gigantic meal, vomits repeatedly and then, after eating a tiny after dinner mint, explodes.

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eating food that is too luxurious, exotic, or costly 2. eating food that is too daintily or elaborately prepared 4. Indeed, a connoisseur may be a very refined glutton.

Gluttony is a deadly sin not because it is unattractive but because there is a deeper problem.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. My opinion, you don't want to admit you're having a hard time dealing with his current emotional problems, since you promised to stay by his side, so you're creating a distraction problem.

Wasn't it you that wanted to be exclusive with this guy in the first place? Not necessarily on purpose, I'd guess probably not, but it's doing a number on his head all the same. And it beats all heck out of pushing him into breaking up with you.

Maybe one who doesnt desire sex and affec tion and likes moody outbursts. To place this in perspective, the OP's SO has RECENTLY witnessed a death. there's a difference from returning from the war where it's expected that you saw death and being a 20 year old young man witnessing it as a civilian.

I know two men that saw someone die in front of them...

To put it plainly, the glutton seeks in food, alcohol or drugs the comfort, and sense of well being and happiness that he should find in a strong relationship with God and a life of true goodness, truth and beauty.

That is why the lively virtue that counters the deadly vice of gluttony is temperance.

Judging by your BF reaction to the question you might want to put your feelings and needs aside for the time being and reassure and support him. I lost my spleen and ended up with a broken pelvic bone. Not having any gestures of affection, or a sex life, would not be my thing, i dont think i would stay as a romantic partner.

My husband at the time insisted that I cooperate and provide him with sex. I would stay as a friend, but not waste my time and youth on something where im not happy and fulfilled.

I'm sure this whole sickness is new for him and he is trying to adjust to the situation. As for the young lady who started this post, yes she does seem to have disappeared. I also have watched friends fight cancer- my neighbor actually right now. What she is proposing is wrong regardless of her age. If the genders were reversed in this post I have a feeling the same would be calling for the male to be tortured.