There are now two (2) strength outputs representing both a longer prevailing view along with a more recent lookback.And more importantly, the calculation formula differentiates these distinctly-different ranges of analysis within the global point system.So in addition to the legacy 48 Bar lookback from previous meters, a 24 Bar lookback has been added and is displayed to the right.

Video is reduced from 14 hours down to 10 minutes and was sped up by 200%. This ‘correlated acts as leading indicator’ scenario should help to remind us just how important currency strength meters, currency cluster indicators, and 5NITRO 28 pair correlated heat maps can be. Large arrows on the chart clarifying the direction of the trend and when a market buy order is completed are for illustrative purposes only. (click to view pop-up) Is Trading Here Actually an Epic Fail?

Being able to instantly gather a perspective of the entire forex market with just a quick three second glance would seem advantageous to all. (more discussion at bottom of Trading Page 2) This Website is Your User Manual.

Instructions and illustrations are included here on the Open MT4 Demo - Partner Brokers and Products Page.

This page also includes additional, non-expiring MT4 Demo options from brokers like Ava Trade offering more than 200 instruments including a glut of Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Futures, Bonds, Bund, Bit Coin/Lite Coin [SS Box] Strength component has improved with double the calculation providing greater precision and a wider timerange analysis.

This site along with Forex will be updated on the day to indicate coding is complete and new download links are available.

Once 7N is available for new purchases, there will be new download buttons to do so in 20 locations all throughout the site labeled 'DOWNLOAD 7NITRO ' - In the future once the 7N MT5 version is made available, MT4 MT5 versions will be sold and supported simultaneously for a period of time.Video intended only to provide a general example of how these meters function and react with live ticks.Video intended only to provide a single example of how these meters can be used Intraday. Video illustrates TP Management in relation to support and resistance levels. Take Profits cleared, indicated by Customer recently pointed out how quickly the correlated GBPCHF compact meter turned south around and ultimately flipped negative. NITRO is a Manual Trading Confirmation Indicator Tool for Metatrader.Special download links will be made available to most customers of NITRO 2NITRO 3NITRO 4NITRO and 5NITRO dating back to December 2010.This site along with Forex will be updated on the day to indicate new download links are available.Supplemental Tool Tips, Captions, and Video Notes will also be translated.