Remember that experience counts for a lot, and these senior citizens have experience on their side.

What’s the point in buying her anything my mother moans. At night I climb over all the newspaper parcels to get to bed, harder than the school’s obstacle course. But she still doesn’t settle down; even at 70 she cleans people’s houses for ten bob and goes to church on Sundays, dragging me along to the strange place where the air is trapped and ghosts sit at the altar.

Her bedroom is my favourite: newspapers dating back to the War covering every present she’s ever got since the War. I spend hours unwrapping and wrapping endless tablecloths, napkins, perfume, bath salts, stories of things I can’t understand, words like conscientious objector. What does she want with anything modern, a shiny new pin? Chewing for ages over the front page, her toffees sticking to her false teeth. Till finally she gets to like the hot running water in her own bathroom, the wall-to-wall foam-backed carpet, the parcels locked in her air-raid shelter.

In fact, the pensioners seemed to take a particular fancy to hunky Jamie Jewitt, with Shelagh declaring him 'gorgeous' and Barbara commenting: 'Tasty! 'Meanwhile, Shelagh appeared to be impressed by Marcel's rapping, remarking: 'This is good!

There's no rude language, nothing', while jigging along to the beat.

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