And then, who’s to actually guarantee that the profiles listed in the app are genuine?

Yes, it takes your background details, but so do other dating apps.

It’s a no-nonsense online dating app with a level of exclusivity, if you’re looking for something that is beyond just superficial crap.

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You get to talk to great people, make friends; maybe even a meaningful relationship or two. It gives you a 24 hour time span to talk to the person once you’ve matched with them, failing which, the person goes off your radar completely.

So, it’s like, striking while the iron is hot and also teaches you the art of initiative.

And whether you’re on a tight budget or generous in spending your greens, it has something for you. The crockery is cute and the presentation of the food is even cuter. It’s a perfect drinking spot to chill on a Saturday night with close peeps and your date.

We give you a list of some amazing places that serve delicious food and yummy drinks, and for every budget! In the evenings, this place gives out a very romantic and dreamy vibe. When it comes to food and drinks, this place is pretty affordable.

I have always maintained that the crowd you get in Mumbai is very different from the crowd you get in Delhi; especially, when it comes to dating. No, it isn’t available in Delhi yet and I don’t know why.

Given its popularity in Mumbai, it’s bound to draw a great audience in the capital as well. With one of them, there were dates, chill sessions, interesting conversations, similarity of interests and well, some very interesting action that built onto a long lasting friendship.

Hinge prides itself on an exclusive number of users who range from middle to upper class. With the other, there was instant chemistry, dates, courtship and well, it amounted to something pretty serious and wasn’t all about the bass (although that was a bonus).

This is important because there is a filter who you’re checking out, matching with and vice versa. Long story short, I made long lasting connections, at the very least.

This place is so pretty and the interiors are pastel with wooden seating. is located in Pali hill, but it’s quite difficult to find if you’re visiting for the first time.