I have been a long time reader of the Murder she Wrote series. thanks suzanne Mr Bain I hope you're well it is so hard to loose someone so close to you. Hey Donald so happy to see that a new msw book will be published in may 2018. Bain, Thank you for your continued writing of the Murder She Wrote series. Bain, I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's passing. I am nervous that there is no pre-order availability. Do we have a new "Murder, She Wrote" book to look forward to this spring? What are your plans for more Murder she wrote books? I dont know whether there are such uncollected stories- but this would be one great collection...

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Thank you Kathleen S I have enjoyed reading your Murder She Wrote series for the past couple of years. I am sad to hear of the loss of your wife and writing partner. Bain, I wanted to tell you that, as is usual with your books, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hook, Line, and Murder. Hi there, I have three questions: How did George Sutherland come about? I named him after my father, George Sutherland Bain. I created him as a standalone character, and he's become a favorite of readers.

I loved Hooked, Line and Sinker and cannot wait till the next. (9/3/16) Sorry, I forgot to put my name for my question about George, Adele, etc. Thanks so much for your time and for writing the best books! Michael from the show seems less dashing and seems more conniving than George's character. Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland appeared in the very first book in the series, GIN & DAGGERS, and has made an appearance in at least a dozen subsequent novels.

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Thanks for querying and wishing you a wonderful Fall season. Is there a book that explains how Adele left and Maureen came about? Hello Samella -- Thanks for your posting and your very kind words about the series. Looking forward to a date with murder The next Murder, She Wrote novel, "A Date With Murder" is scheduled for May 1, 2018. Will the Murder She Wrote books be affected by the vanishing of mass market paperbacks and merging of publishers? Joan When can we expect the new Jessica Fletcher book? I hope your health is better now and continues to improve. 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