The "nice teeth" comment came from me - no one wants a girlfriend with jacked up teeth - no way! I am saddened by the notion that midlife men don't care at all about the intelligence and logic of a woman but only her appearance and financial assets and I'm not saying this as an ugly feminist either.I mean apparently it's fine with men if if a woman erroneously believes that it's ok to tax the middle class to death to pay for Obama's form of socialized medicine or you forward every dumb internet forward that comes your way as long as you look hot doing it.The very first thing you should know is that men in their 40s who are serious about relationships tend to want something very different than women in their 40s.

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Why would a man in his 40s be into a woman in her 20s?

Are you a high-achieving, strong, spiritual and successful sister who is still single after 40?

- the five most important things that men in their mid-40s look for in a woman.

Some of the other answers I heard from at least one of my friends include: - Nice teeth (show stopper if they are nasty) - LESS TALKING ( 1 for this one) - Dresses professionally - Non-smoking - Shoulder-length hair - Not a heavy drinker - DD-size breasts - a lot of sex and I would pretty much agree with all of those.

it is a reflection of what all early to mid-forties men want ... 1) Brazilian Wax Job I found it amazing how many of us men find a Brazilian wax job so incredibly important and sexy on a woman. ] The truth is - not all women in their forties are willing to get a Brazilian wax job ... The difference from a man's point-of-view is night and day ... 2) Financial Contributor to the Relationship Being a "financial contributor to the relationship" simply means that you earn an income, and are an economic asset (not a liability) to the male-female partnership. The truth is that we men prefer that a woman is capable of standing on her own financially ... We don't mind being the major breadwinner - but we also don't want to be funding any slackers. 4) Physical Attributes are Definitely a Bonus Not all men are pigs, but most of us are.

[If you don't know what this is - it refers to a completely shaved or waxed vagina ... and that is a shame because in today's world, there is nothing less attractive than a hairy woman. we absolutely favor the completely waxed look down there ... Perhaps this particular attribute is a sign of the times ... 3) Positive Mental Attitude Having a girlfriend with a positive mental attitude is really important to us men. [I am, for example.] We appreciate a good-looking woman ...It's actually very simple but hard to see from our society influenced point of view.Relationships are not always formed to serve the single purpose of lifelong companionship.A "positive mental attitude" simply means not being negative ... seeing the good in things and people and situations ... and what defines "good-looking" is unique to every man.I personally enjoy a pretty face first and foremost, for example ...Most men are told to make sure they have something to offer a woman before they settle down but beyond that, there’s not a lot of pressure on them in their 20s to get married. You know it’s medically possible, but you’re not wanting to get started with a family at 40. The 30-something guys, however, don’t seem to be on your level.