IMPORTANT: I would invite those that do not feel they can achieve these minimum expectations to be courageous enough to make a decision and move on. You figured out how to line the pockets for management and senior agents while having a revolving door for new agents to make cold calls for us. I no longer have to make cold calls but just pick up young fresh out of college juniors to do it for me while taking half their fee.

For those that do not have that courage, you will be asked to leave. Then when they get burned out and leave, I get to keep their database and leads that they generate. Kontras No training whatsoever If you are a female and aren’t working for corporate you get no respect what so ever.

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They’ve made it plain they’ll accept anything to keep the Trump show going and to indulge their delight in seeing America dissolved.

My fantasy is that Al runs for congress in the special election in November 2018 after Mark Dayton appoints a placeholder in January.

This place is a sweat shop, which is why it has the highest turn over year after year in the industry.

Managers are failed agents who are paranoid by the C suite and held hostage by senior agents.

I have failed in either not explaining the expectations and/or not creating an environment to allow you to succeed. However, I will not allow anyone to fail again because of me!

I wanted to put in writing the commitment that I and the firm have made to you and hopefully you have made to your success.

Below is an actual email from our fearless leader regarding expectations for new agents: Good Morning, As mentioned today, I have failed you!

If you have to go look for reviews for a job, this is not for you.

We live most of the year in Oakland, and vote in California, so while we are in Minnesota part of the time, we have not voted for you.

But we were here in 2008 when you were elected, when I was teaching at the U, and I have often thought of seeing some of my students carrying a huge FRANKEN manner across the campus.

In addition to being encouraged and supported you will be assessed each week and any individual who has not met the minimum expectations, will be asked to leave. We are a team and if anyone does not achieve these goals, it lets the whole team down and frustrates the mission. Unless you work for a broker who realizes there is a world that doesn’t just revolve around them.