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Since then, the pair has spent time together in Mexico, Las Vegas, Miami and Malibu, — despite Sofia squashing relationship rumors at the end of May when she tweeted: “Just so everyone can get their panties out of their a–es, Scott and I are just homies” — and have wasted no time packing on the PDA.

“Sofia is much more invested in the relationship than Scott.

They have a cute first date that night as flashforward clips show their clashing lifestyles living together in the future.

“It’s about taking some risks, but also protecting yourself by not waiting too long,” she says.

Guzikowski moved from his home in Pennsylvania to South Carolina so they could be closer.

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D., I understand why my students are asking these questions -- though, in full disclosure, if they catch me on a less-than-content kind of day, I wonder if they are really asking: "If I pursue a certain degree path, will I end up like you?

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