) 2) Paul instructed Timothy to send Mark to Rome to be with him during his final imprisonment because he was useful to him for service (2 Tim. When 1 Peter was written, Mark was with Peter in Rome and regarded as Peter’s spiritual son (1 Peter ) 2. Evidence from the Gospel supports the affirmations of the church fathers: 1. Few OT quotations or references to fulfilled prophecy are used 7.It is unlikely that the early church would have assigned the authorship of a Gospel to a person of secondary, and even “questionable” history as John Mark since he was neither an apostle, nor a person of prominence in the early church 3. Aramaic expressions are translated (; ; ,34; ; ; ; ,34) 2. Latin terms are used rather than Greek equivalents (5:9; ; ,42; ,39) 4. He alone identifies Simon of Cyrene as the father of Alexander and Rufus (; cf. Mark is concerned for all of the nations and has a gentile, Roman centurion proclaim Jesus’ deity at the end of the Gospel (029; --; ; ; 14:9; ) 8.

dating of the book of mark-15dating of the book of mark-35

He understood Jewish institutions and customs (; ,16,18; 7:2-4) 6. In view of Christian martyrdom, Christ is presented as the One who continues to speak and act meaningfully in the context of crisis B. The language is less elaborate and more popular than Luke or Matthew 2. Mark uses “immediately” intimating vividness and excitement to the action 4.

There is evidence that the author was connected with Peter: a. Mark uses the historical present over 150 times making Jesus a contemporary of those reading (narrative tells what happens, not simply what happened) 5.

On the second missionary journey Barnabas wanted to take John-Mark along, but Paul refused because of his earlier defection, so Barnabas took Mark to Cyprus where he probably encouraged him (Acts -41) f.

Paul was later reconciled with Mark: 1) Mark was with Paul during his imprisonment in Rome and served as his delegate in Asia Minor (Philemon 24; Col. The church fathers (see above under “Author”) affirm that Mark’s Gospel was written in Rome for Gentile, Roman Christians B.

To demonstrate how to be a disciple to Christians in Rome: a.

Mark explains Jewish customs (Pharisees 7:2; the preparation day ) b.Jesus teaches about discipleship in light of his death and resurrection B. Matthew identifies Jesus as King, Messiah, but Mark focuses upon Jesus as servant: a. To fight the emergence of heretical, theological teachings If Mark is a later gospel (see above), than it follows that he in narrative form would be addressing similar difficulties addressed more directly by the letters of Paul and Peter C. John-Mark is mentioned elsewhere in the biblical material: a. He was added to Paul and Barnabas’ party when they visited Jerusalem for the famine relief (Acts ) d.He was a Jewish Christian whose mother, Mary, owned a home in Jerusalem where the early church met (Acts ) b. He went with Barnabas and Saul (Paul) on the first missionary journey, but turned back to Jerusalem when they went inland to Asia at Perga in Pamphylia (Acts 13:5,13) e.Wi Now a USA TODAY BESTSELLERThere are three things you need to know about Marie Harris: 1) She’s fed up with online dating, 2) She’s so fed up, she’s willing to forego the annoyance and consider more creative alternatives, and 3) She knows how to knit.