Auto detect changes and enable prevent window closing to save your draft thoughts in last seconds. 5-member Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment.

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In Korea, they are better known as Dong Bang Shin Ki (often abbreviated as DBSG or DBSK) while the Japanese equivalent of the group's name is Tōhōshinki (abbreviated as THSK).

Although their origin is Korean, their name on all official non-Japanese advertisements and merchandise is scripted as "TVXQ", the Chinese counterpart of their name.

Its five members specialize in the areas of dance, a cappella, acting, and pop with an R&B vibe.

The group has gained popularity in South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and other East Asian countries.

In the end, however, the name was rejected because its Hanja was not aesthetically pleasing, and the group name was changed instead to Dong Bang Shin Ki.

TVXQ made their first appearance on December 26, 2003 during a Bo A Showcase.

Each member was to come up with ideas for the name of the group.

The three names suggested were Oh Jang Yook Bu (오장육부, meaning the five visceras), Jun Muhk Go, acronym for 전설을 먹고 사는 고래 meaning A Whale That Eats Legends, and Dong Bang Bul Pae (동방불패), the Korean title of Ashes of Time.[3] The group decided on Dong Bang Bul Pae, and Lee Soo Man even asked the film's director for permission to use the name.

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