When you watch him on the ring, all you see is sheer talent and an electrifying delivery.

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This development was because both couple were in love and decided to be monogamous in their relationship.

Things however did not last for so long as they both started having troubles a while some years after the arrival of their boys.

He was one of the young stars of the brutal sport and is very intimidating in his element.

For an athlete as fierce as Ortiz, you would be surprised to know that outside the ring, he is an unequalled fan favourite.

Because of his childhood experience, Tito is passionate about young boys getting it right and not walking the wrong path.

He is raising his children to be better than he is and also extending this generosity to other kids.

Sam was of Mexican origin and in the sixties joined the army.

After high school, he did not proceed to college so he started off with vocational jobs.

Sam became a carpenter who grew up to start his own company much later.

He was indeed a successful craftsman and also a great artist.

Two years after tying the knot, she had her first child then things started getting rough for the lovers.